January's Paradigm

Robert Porter is enjoying the fruits of success: a best-selling novel featuring a hard-nosed detective circa 1947 named Joe January, and a lucrative contract for the sequel. But his world comes crashing down around him when he witnesses his wife’s infidelity.

As Porter sinks into a morass of grief over her abandonment, only one person can help him regain his self-esteem and dignity. One man alone can help Porter set things right ... and that person’s name is Joe January. But he doesn’t even exist... or does he?


Once more at peace with myself, I rounded a corner and collided with a small gargoyle.

It was grotesque. Standing at no more than five-foot, three inches tall, it was dwarfed by my six-foot, three-inch frame. It was obese, too; its girth greater than its height. Its personal appearance was obscenity personified: a bulbous nose, red from too much drink, supported glasses so thick the magnifying principle worked both ways. The watery blue eyes, disproportionately huge, glared back at me with cold, savage indifference.

And I recognized the beast of my recent nightmares.

At the same moment, dawning recognition replaced the indifference that had previously resided on those hideous features. A smile broke from behind gray lips; its teeth, black from the rot of ten thousand Baby Ruth bars, jutted at a multitude of crazy angles, like those of some weirdly mutated rodent. It grunted once, the sharp exhalation accompanied by halitosis so foul I was forced to take a step back.

Then it was gone, leaving me staring after it in disbelief.


“Loaded with clever dialog and vivid characters, January’s Paradigm is a polished, calm and a well paced fantasy fiction with original premise and a dramatic climax.

Kate Porter’s marital disloyalty leaves her husband Robert Porter devastated, depressed and miserable at the hands of his wonder drug—Bookers. Once the author of an International Best Seller, One Hot January, Porter finds salvation from the heart wrenching truth of life through his fictitious character — “the product of his own imagined altered ego” —detective Joe January.

Author J. Conrad Guest’s attention to details of plot is meticulous as he keeps his novel pulsing with energy and tension skillfully woven with an entertaining combination of romance, betrayal, mystery and thrill. With storytelling mastery on full display, powered by engaging narrative and emotional intensity of individual story line, January’s Paradigm is a novel that delights its readers with a captivating premise with serious literary work of thoughtfulness, complexity and depth.

Those looking for a fantasy with diversity may find themselves bewitched. This 5-star read is definitely worth reading for its originality. Highly recommended.” —Enas Reviews

“In January’s Paradigm, J. Conrad Guest has taken the heartbreak of sexual betrayal and turned it into a romance-fantasy … Readers will not be able to put it down.” —Current Entertainment Monthly, Ann Arbor, Michigan

“Prompted by his detective’s instincts and the photograph of a woman who seems strangely familiar, January begins his search for the reasons behind his existence. His quest will take him down numerous and occasionally violent paths: there’s a beast lurking at the periphery of this, Robert Porter’s alternate reality.” —Ellen Tanner Marsh, New York Times best-selling author
January's Paradigm